Google LLC, or simply Google, is a multinational technology company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is headquartered in Googleplex, Mountain View, California, and has 73,992 employees.

Does Google Drug Test Its Employees?

The first motto of Google was “Don’t be evil,” which was later on changed, in 2015, to a more positive statement, “Do the right thing.” With this motto in mind, it is easy to see the standard that Google would demand of its employees.

Google encourages and expects great results and productivity from its employees. For this reason, Google can exercise its prerogative of engaging in random, reasonable suspicion, or post-accident drug testing of employees.

Moreover, in the Code of Conduct of Google, it says that “substance abuse is incompatible with the health and safety of its employees, and Google doesn't permit it.

It says likewise that if a manager has reasonable suspicion to believe that an employee's use of illegal drugs may adversely affect the employee's job performance or safety in the workplace, drug screening may be requested by the manager.”

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Furthermore, it says that a “reasonable suspicion may be based on objective factors like the appearance, speech, and behavior of the employee.”

Does Google Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Google does pre-employment drug testing of its prospective employees. Google knows that it must screen its prospective employees to determine their working habits and lifestyles.

Google likewise knows that pre-employment drug testing is critical to determining the ideal employee. Hence, Google does require pre-employment drug testing for its prospective employees.

For example, at Mountain View, California, applicants must undergo pre-employment drug testing after they are given conditional job offers.

What Drugs Does Google Test For?

The standard drug test utilized at Google is the 5-panel drug test, which is effective enough to test the five most abused drugs and substances, namely, those of cannabinoid, cocaine, opiate, amphetamine, and PCP.

Google likewise may use other types of drug tests that utilize more than five panels, especially in post-accident drug testing.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used?

The commonly used type of drug test in Google is the 5-panel urine drug test. This type of test is efficient enough in testing for the five most commonly abused drugs. Google also has the prerogative to use hair or other types of drug tests if it deems it necessary.