The list of home remedies to clean weed out of your system and pass a drug test

You can clean your system of weed in 2 ways:

You can permanently remove all weed traces from your body. This is best for those who want to quit marijuana, take a tolerance break, or clean the system before a drug test.

You can temporarily flush marijuana traces out of your body. This method is also called cleansing or flushing and allows you to pee clean for several hours.

The method is excellent when you need to pass a drug test and don’t have enough time or don’t want to quit using marijuana.

I’ll tell you about all the home remedies for both methods. I’ll also tell you about the remedies that are just urban myths and don’t work.

Home remedies for THC detox

To permanently clean your system from marijuana, you need to do the following steps:

Activated charcoal pills

Most of the THC is excreted into the intestines. From the intestines, it is absorbed back into the blood. Activated charcoal binds to the bile and THC in the intestines and prevents its reabsorption.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Several scientific studies confirm that apple vinegar helps to increase the breakdown of body fat over several weeks. So it will help release THC from the fat cells for further removal from the body.

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Cranberry Juice

The studies about cranberry juice are controversial. However, some studies show that cranberry can help burn more body fat. Thus it can help to release THC from the fat for removal.

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Doing exercises

Exercising can help burn more calories and make your body use body fat for energy. This will release THC stored in body fat cells.

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Goldenseal can help lose body fat, release THC for excretion, and detox faster. However, Goldenseal also slows down the activity of several enzymes responsible for the metabolism of THC.

So you need to use Goldenseal with other herbs.

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Pickle Juice

Pickle juice contains vinegar which is known to help in burning body fat. So it will help to release THC from the body fat cells faster.

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Home remedies for flushing

To temporarily flush THC from your system, you need to do the following steps:


Certo is a famous brand of fruit pectin. Fruit pectin is an excellent absorbent that will bind to the THC in the intestines and prevent it from getting into the blood.

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Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is an inhibitor of CYP450 enzymes. These are a group of enzymes responsible for the metabolism of THC in the liver. Milk thistle slows the activity of these enzymes and prevents THC from getting into the urine.

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Midol contains ingredients that are diuretics. Diuretics make you urinate frequently and flush THC from the bladder making your urine clean.

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Palo Azul Tea

Palo Azul tea acts as a diuretic and can help you to flush THC from your bladder.

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Green Tea

Green tea is also an inhibitor of CYP450 enzymes. Drinking green tea before a drug test will help prevent THC from getting into the urine.

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Here are some remedies that will help restore natural urine parameters and prevent your urine sample from being rejected.

Some remedies from this part will help you cause false negatives on a drug test.


Creatine will help you to restore the natural levels of creatinine in the urine.

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Flushing THC will make your urine pale. Vitamins will restore the natural color of the urine.

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Some studies confirm that taking aspirin several hours before the drug test will cause a false negative for THC.

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Adding Zinc directly to the urine sample will also cause a false negative on a urine drug test. However, modern drug tests can detect Zinc, so this method is not effective anymore.

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Home remedies for passing a hair drug test


Bleaching your hair will help dissolve the THC stored in your hair shafts and pass the hair follicle drug test.

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Apple cider vinegar

Applying ACV to your hair can also help to dissolve THC deposited in the hair.

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Home remedies for passing mouth swab drug test

You can use the following remedies as a mouthwash before your drug test.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Home remedies that don’t work

The following remedies are just urban myths and don’t work. Some of them can cause health damage, so avoid them.


Alcohol increases the activity of CYP450 enzymes, which is good for detoxification from THC. But the side effects of alcohol are dangerous and make the remedy ineffective.

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Niacin blocks the breakdown of body fat; thus, metabolites will not be released from fat and excreted into the urine. This helps lower the THC concentration in the urine below the detectable level.

But Niacin has severe side effects and can cause health damage.

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Azo pills

Azo pills treat urinary infections and cannot help you detox from THC.

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Baking Soda

Baking soda can change the urine’s PH, which can help you pass a drug test for methamphetamines, but it will not help you detox from marijuana.

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Part of the THC is excreted with sweat. However, the amount excreted is negligible, making the method ineffective.

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Eye Drops / Potable Aqua

These are sometimes used as urine additives. People believe adding any of these into the urine will cause a false negative. However, it’s not true.

Eye drops

Potable aqua