Any marijuana user has had to face the frustrating situation of having that fleeting whiff or odor on their hair, clothes, or home, particularly of the weed that they smoked a short while ago.

This is definitely not the ideal scenario, especially if you are trying to remain undetected and keep things private.

Fortunately, we got you covered! With the simple (yet effective) tips provided in this article, we can ensure you have full discretion when smoking weed without smelling like it.

Using a vaporizer


Portable vaporizers are among the easiest and convenient ways of ensuring discreet smoking. These handy gadgets are usually filled with specific concentrates or fragrances and can easily be carried around.

Portable vapes are sometimes designed as ink pens so that you can carry them inconspicuously.

Their key feature is the reduced production of smoke and masking the odors associated with it, which enables you to smoke at home or even on the go.

There are different types of vapes, but if you are to go for the type that does not release a lot of smell, the ‘concentrate pens’ are safer than ‘loose leaf pens.’

Using a Sploof

The basic idea of a sploof is that smoke is blown into this tube, and the actual odors are masked with the components of the sploof. To make a sploof, you need the inner cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper and stuff it with cut pieces of dryer sheets.

If you cannot find the cardboard tube, you can cut the bottom off a 20-ounce plastic bottle and stuff this with the sheets. Similarly, damp towels and fabric can be used instead of dryer sheets.


When smoking, exhale, and blow the smoke into the tube. The dryer sheets will act as a filter and mask the scent, releasing a less potent odor. If you use scented dryer sheets, the resulting odor will be this smell!

Using a filter

A more technical way of eliminating odorants and contaminants (especially in your room) is to use a HEPA filter or a carbon filter.

The filters absorb and entrap the particles from the air, thereby providing a quick and effective smoking solution. However, certain users claim that these filters only have a reduced effect on the smell, so this is definitely an option worth considering deeply.

Carrying a smell proof case

smell proof case

It can definitely be a hassle to carry around your smoking supplies, especially cause of the smells that leak out. Fortunately, for this very reason, a carbon-lined smell-proof case can be purchased.

In addition to providing maximum discretion when carrying the supplies, the carbon lining filters any odorants and masks any potent smells.

Therefore, it is definitely an item that we encourage you to think about purchasing, especially if you are constantly on the go.

 Additional tips for smoking in the bedroom and bathroom

If you want to make sure you remain discreet even at home, these tips might help out.

  • Tying up long hair and covering it with a towel, cloth, or shower cap so hair does not pick the smells up.
  • It is easy for the odors to cling onto the clothing as well, so if you want to be thorough, removing any clothes while smoking can help.
  • Lighting fragrant candles or incense sticks can mask the smells easily.
  • Increasing the room's ventilation by using a fan or opening a window can help eliminate any odorants from the room quickly.
  • Many users resort to smoking in the bathroom due to its restricted space. If you opt for this location, these tips can ensure discretion for you.
  • Running a steamy shower can cause the steam to mix with any odorants and reduce the potential smells.
  • Blow the smoke into the shower drain while it is running can eliminate the odors faster.
  • Close the door spaces on the ground with any spare towels to prevent the smells from leaking out.

Disposing after you are finished

The final step is to remove any traces of smoking after you are finished.

  • First and foremost, clean out the ashtray and wash it well with soap and water. Flush out any butts and ashes down the toilet.
  • Next, you need to shower and wash away any lingering odors on you thoroughly.
  • Washing hands is essential as it can be a dead giveaway. Using soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer is the best option.
  •  Brush your teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes, focusing particularly on the gums and tongue as these retain most of the odor.
  • The smoke can cling immediately to the skin and hair, so it is essential to wash the entire body. Take a shower and specifically wash hair with an effective, fragrant shampoo to remove any smells.
  • Wear fresh clothes once done, and ensure you wash the clothes you were wearing when smoking with an effective detergent.

So there you have it! It can never hurt to be too careful when smoking weed.

If you wish to remain as discreet as possible without sacrificing your need to smoke, these tips will make sure you have absolutely nothing to worry about.