Can poppy seeds make you fail a drug test?

Many of you might think about the possibility of drug test failing because of poppy seeds usage. What is the probability that the screening results will show the presence of prohibited substances?

Known for everyone poppy seeds are often found on bagels. These seeds are from the Papaver somniferum. This plant is also used for opiate drugs (like heroin or morphine) producing. The idea that poppy seeds eating can get you caught as a drug user sounds like urban legends.

But as many scientists explain it is not just gossip at all. All plant parts contain some amount of morphine. Its seeds contain not a considerable amount of this component, but sometimes they give real chances on a drug screening.

Poppy seed positives have instigated a legitimate concern of the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which decided to increase the allowed positive index for opiate tests. In 1998 the numbers were changed from 300 to 2,000 ng/ml of urine for minimizing the chance of wrong positives.

There is no correct information about the number of eaten poppy seeds to provoke a positive test. Many different factors like even body weight may influence people a lot.

But as research published in the Forensic Science International journal in 1998 showed, two rolls with poppy-seed each with usual 76g of seeds could cause positive screening results during 6 hours in one probationer, with results 47.9-832 ng/ml.

Numbers were changing according to the consummation moment was distancing away. The similar study could find out that eating a cake slice (containing 4.69g of seeds) provoked positive results of all four screening subjects up to twenty-four hours. The results of one individual were changing between 83.8-302.1 ng/ml.

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But you should not relax and eat poppy-seed muffins, as different screening agencies require different certification levels. Some of them have even policies of zero-tolerance. Many of them choose the lower established option of 300 ng/ml. To be safe, you should avoid poppy seeds eating on the test day eve.

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