Simple Guide on How to Make Fake Pee at Home

You can make a fake pee at home for less than $2 bucks per portion. If you follow all directions, it will look like real and be good enough to pass a urine drug test without any trouble.

Below you’ll find the list of required ingredients and detailes step-by-step instructions.

Is DIY Urine A Reliable Option?

If you’re lucky enough, fake pee can be a reliable option for you. But, keep in mind that it is very easy to fail the test since drug companies remain vigilant on this practice as they know how commonly people rely on synthetic urine to pass drug tests. Apart from this, it is difficult to pass the process because laboratories are efficient enough to examine if the provided sample is real human urine or not.

Risks Associated With Using Fake Urine

First of all, it is totally illegal. On being caught, you might get punished by the law.

Another risk factor is that until you do not submit the sample to the lab, you will not be able to know if you succeeded in the process or not.

The other possible risk concerning fake pee is that the lab technician can check your pockets before the test and catch you.

Characteristics Checked In Urine Sample During The Drug Test

When a urine sample of a person is taken to determine the drug test, several characteristics are being considered and well-checked. These characteristics include temperature, color, pH level, creatinine levels and specific gravity. All these major components of natural urine can be achieved in fake pee.

Normally, human urine is not colorless and it owns pH level around 6, therefore, synthetic urine needs to maintain this level as well. The temperature of the urine sample is the foremost thing that laboratories do look for the drug test. The normal temperature of the real urine ranges from 90-100F.

If the temperature of your fake pee doesn’t correspond with the normal range of real pee, your sample will be rejected then.

How To Make Fake Pee

Following is the method through which you can make fake pee by employing some ingredients. Make sure you have an accurate digital scale to measure every substance precisely. The success of forming fake pee depends on the correct measurement of all the ingredients.

Ingredients Required

(The prices are taken from Amazon)

IngredientFormulaHow MuchPrice ($)
Distilled waterH200.75l0
Sodium chlorideNaCl7.5g0.38
Albumin powder50mg0.01
Potassium chlorideKCl4.5g0.2
Monobasic sodium phosphateNaH2PO44.8g0.29

In addition to these ingredients, you should have a bottle for storing pee, a container for mixing everything, a pH meter and a urinometer, though it is optional.

how to make fake urine - ingredients

Step by Step Instructions To Make Synthetic Urine

Short Term and Long Term Storage

Just like real urine, you can store fake pee solution too either by refrigerating or freezing it. For short term storage, you can refrigerate and store fake pee for 24 hours whereas; for long term storage, freeze it, which can last for several months. At the time of need, all you need to do is to take out the sample and unfreeze it to normal temperature before submitting.

How To Maintain Fake Pee Temperature

Similar to real urine, you can maintain the right temperature of synthetic pee by three ways that include microwave, hand warmers and your own body heat.

If you want to warm it in the microwave, heat the container for 10 seconds after removing the cap. Then, put back the cap and shake it a little. You can check the temperature with a thermometer. If the solution is not between 90-100F, heat it again for 10 seconds. Make sure to not overheat as it will affect the quality and ruin your test.

how to make fake pee right temperature

Besides, you can warm fake pee with the help of hand warmers. Read the instructions carefully given on the product for providing instant heat to the container.

However, your own body temperature can be the easiest and cheapest way to heat the pee. Place the container near your genital area for some time and then shake it well to form the bubbles that look alike to real human pee.

Consequences Of Failing The Test

The consequences are dependent on some factors that include: for what reason you are being tested, people involved in the test and specific laws of your region/state.

If your company where you are already working finds out that you have failed the test, it may then result in your termination from the post. Therefore, it is always better to know the drug policies of the company you are working at.

However, if you are not being fired for failing the test, you may undergo a “return to duty” drug test. This test becomes mandatory to pass before starting to work again. If you consecutively fail two tests for the same company, the chances of being fired are high, as well as, the company may also not recommend you for other employment.

In another case, if a person is exposed to fail the test during the probation period, the probation officer may bring your case to the judge, who will then decide your punishment. Either you could be asked to quit drugs by giving a warning or you could be sent behind the bars.

The chances of getting a job greatly reduce if a person fails the test at the pre-employment stage. It is obvious that the company is concerned about the drug test that is why money and time are being spent by the company. However, if your post is one of those positions, which is not easy to recover, then you may have a chance to save your job.

In a nutshell, the consequences of failing the test vary according to the particular situation. If you’re at a pre-employment stage, your test will not be sent to the authorities. On the contrary, if you are being tested during probation, then you may confront the legal trouble.

In severe cases, failing a drug test may also lead you to imprisonment.

To Takeaway

You can successfully create fake pee if all the measurements are taken carefully. Just stay a bit careful before submitting the sample and make sure that it is warm. It is better if you make fake pee at home for 1-2 times for practice so that when it’s time to go for the test, you find it easy to repeat the process.

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