This is how much THC you will need to get you high

It may be difficult to place a number on how much weed should get you high and into outer space. This is because so many factors come into play before you hit euphoric zones.

But I will do my best to come as close to realistic figures as I can get. This can serve as a guide to an aspiring cannabis consumer needing to know where to place the limits. But before we do that, let me explain in a nutshell why weed gets you high.

Why does weed get you high

When tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) gets into your bloodstream it is quickly transported to the brain where it binds onto cannabinoid receptor CB1. This is the same receptor that Anandamide, the body’s bliss molecule, binds to.

Binding onto this receptor triggers a sense of happiness. Unlike Anandamine which is quickly broken down by metabolic enzymes and removed from the body, THC persists to cause extreme happiness and euphoria. This is how you get “high.”

A note on Decarboxylation

Raw cannabis contains THCA which needs to be heated up to convert into the active form which is THC. Because of this, raw cannabis does not cause euphoria but has significant therapeutic potential.

A few factors affecting your ability to get high

How potent the weed is

Not all weed is “created the same.” Some strains will have more THC than others. The more potent a strain is, the faster it will get you high.

The type of strain

Sativas tend to have a stronger cerebral buzz than Iindicas. Consuming a Sativa strain may get you high faster than an indica strain will.

Personal traits

Factors such as age, tolerance, how often you smoke and weight all determine how fast you will get high. The elderly (over 60 years) and children will get high on a small dose of THC. How often you consume weed will also impact on your tolerance levels and how soon you will get high.

How you consume the weed

When weed is inhaled either through a bong or vaporizer it reaches the bloodstream faster than if it had been taken orally. This is because cannabis edibles have to be metabolized in the liver first before they can be released into the bloodstream.

With these compounding factors out of our way, we can look at how much THC is needed to get you on cloud nine.

When you smoke, how much should get you high

For a newbie, the rule of thumb is 1-2 hits at a go. If this does not get you high, give it some time before trying another two hits. If the second attempt fails to work the magic, keep off until the next day before you try again.

Joint sizes generally range from 0.25 to 1+ gram. The ¼ gram joint is usually recommended for the first time and occasional smokers. Seasoned smokers may do well with larger joint sizes.

How many edibles will get you high

Cannabis edibles are foods and treats infused with weed. When you consume edibles, they enter the digestive system and find their way to the brain after having undergone the first pass effect. It will take about 30-120 minutes before you start feeling the effects of the weed. However, the effects will last for longer.

The state of Colorado recommends starting with 10mg for new users and occasional users. However, the Marijuana Policy Project advocates for 5mg, in accordance with the First Time 5 campaign. You can then proceed to 10 mg and later 20 mg as your system gets used to THC. But remember that the effects may take up to two hours before they set in. Many stories have been told of people who went on eating more edibles thinking that they were not getting high, only to find themselves over intoxicated after two hours and suffering the consequences. So what is recommended is that you start slow and go slow with edibles. Should you fail to get high give it two solid hours before you think of trying out some more edibles.

For regular users, it may take between 50-100mg of THC to get a substantial high. Also remember that the high caused by edibles tends to last longer, it is always advisable to hydrate as you consume edibles.

How many tincture drops will get you high

Cannabis oil may come in the form of tinctures. With tinctures, it is always advisable to start with a few drops, 2-4 drops sublingually before you progress to higher dosages. You can calculate the amount of THC in each drop and stick with 5-10mg of THC at one sitting. This should be enough to get a newbie high. When THC is used sublingually, it gets into the bloodstream immediately bypassing the first pass effect. This means that you will get high sooner.

How many Topical applications will get you high

Cannabis-infused topicals are usually applied directly to the skin. They come in the form of salves, creams, and ointments. With topicals it is very hard to get high, even when they contain THC. So you never need to worry about getting intoxicated when using a cannabis topical.


Dabbing involves taking concentrated forms of cannabis such as wax and shatter using a dab rig. Concentrates will usually come in servings of half a gram or one gram and they may have between 60% and 90% THC. This means that one gram of concentrate may have up to 900 mg of THC. This is definitely not recommended for first-time users. Even seasoned stoners need to stick to small dabs; the size of a grain of rice is enough to get you high. Generally speaking, even that size of concentrate can be overwhelming for a new user.

One final note for newbies

There is something known as “first-time user tolerance.” Sometimes new cannabis users fail to get high even after trying out a considerable amount of weed, especially when smoking it. It is not very clear why this happens, but speculation has it that it could be as a result of improper technique. Should this happen to you, do not worry. A few more tries and you will get going with it.


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